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Mr Enthusiast What we do

Welcome to Mr Enthusiast. We’re Perth’s most reputable and innovative homes consultancy. Well known for our high standard of customer service and designs, our entire team is dedicated to helping first and second home buyers achieve their dream homes.

Guided by our own personal experiences entering the property market, our trusted team will work with you every step of the way. Mr Enthusiast truly partners with our clients and promise to tell you like it is from the get-go. The homeownership journey is scary enough — there’s no need to be left in the dark, too.


The Mr Enthusiast Vision

To help first and second home buyers build their dream homes without compromising on the things that matter most to them. You say you want a house, we say how many garage spaces do you want with that?


Mr Enthusiast Meet Nik

Nik has been passionate about cars for as long as he can remember. This passion led him to a career as an apprentice mechanic before his own home build inspired an industry change. He decided to embark on a new career, driven by his desire to help prevent others from experiencing the same stress he went through building his first home.

He began working in the industry in 2016, and quickly recognised a gap in the market that allowed him to combine his love for cars with his new passion — helping new home buyers achieve their dream homes at affordable prices. He now specialises in large garages and can work with you to customise your home so you’re getting more for your money.

Nik believes in the importance of having a trustworthy consultant who understands your goals and can make suggestions about land locations and home plans appropriate to your budget. Whether you know exactly what you want or would like some guidance, no sweat. Nik and the Mr Enthusiast team are ready to help you find the perfect home.

Meet Julia

Julia is Nik’s right hand woman when it comes to all things marketing and communications. Nik and Julia met in 2010 and have been together ever since. Their first home build didn’t go according to plan, and it inspired them to help other first and second home buyers avoid a similar experience.

Whether it’s preparing client paperwork, managing social media platforms, or liaising with the creative agency, Julia is there every step of the way. Did we mention she’s also a talented painter? Every Mr Enthusiast home comes with a custom print. See the Mrs Enthusiast range of prints here.


Our Partners


HAWK Flooring For Life

Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings is on the cutting edge of the flooring industry. In the past, installing flooring like this during the build have been too risky to do consistently. Their advanced rapid cure resins mean that now, you can have your custom flooring system ready when you first move in.

Not only will your floor last a lifetime, but Hawk has made it simple to customise your floor with a massive range of design choices. Simply pick a base colour & a flake combination from our huge range of options.

Hawk CFC has made it cheaper, easier, and more sustainable to install the same quality custom floors in your

Alpha Conveyancing

With over 20 years experience in the settlement industry, Kristy can assure her clients that they will always get professional, skilled and knowledgeable service. Kristy oversees all conveyancing transactions to ensure all checks are done, documents are accurate, conditions met, proceeds distributed as directed and settlements occur on the due date.

While it takes a great deal of passion and dedication to stay on top of the conveyancing game, the exciting focus for Kristy is giving back, so by Alpha serving you, you are also serving others. Kristy is blessed with a supportive husband who also runs his own business, check him out at and 2 stunning children, that she absolutely adores.

Charlotte has been in the conveyancing industry for 8 years, starting out as an outside clerk and working her way up to become a conveyancer. Her conveyancing career started in Perth and eventually moved to Melbourne for 3 years, this experience allows her to adapt to new systems and procedures across both states.

She is always bubbly and knows how to make anyone’s day with her humour. Charlotte is always willing to assist clients in making sure settlements go through as smooth as possible and building relationships with her referral partners. Charlotte loves to spend her time outside of work with her husband Joel and their two dogs, Thor & Loki.

La Vida

La Vida

La Vida Homes has left the old way of building homes where it belongs - in the past. With 17 thousand homes constructed, WA building pioneer Mark Di Masi and former big bank CEO Mark Reid have made it their mission to embrace what the big builders don’t; you. Meeting you on your terms, giving you a direct line to management for full transparency, value adds you’ll love and faster, better quality builds that will get you moved in sooner with full peace of mind… it’s all about you.

La Vida Homes strips away big builder bureaucracy and focuses on what matters: delivering a remarkable building experience and exceptional finished homes. You deserve a great home, and La Vida will give you one that’s as amazing as you.

Progen Building Group

This is Ian and Matt. These two Perth builders had a vision to create a building company that went against the grain of traditions that building companies so commonly follow. No sales team, no display homes, no more feeling like just another cog in the wheel, just two honest builders that wanted to build people high quality, custom homes that they love. Fast forward to today, and Progen Homes are now a multi-award-winning builder backed by a highly experienced and professional team.

From modern farmhouse designs in the Perth Hills to two-storey inner city sanctuaries, the Progen Homes team delivers a high quality, custom designed home with their award-winning service. The mission that Ian and Matt set out to achieve isn’t just a reality, it’s succeeding.


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