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Picking Patterns for Your Home

March 13 2023

Patterns are back! How you use them in your spaces can be the difference between interior eye candy and eye sore, so here are a few tips on how to pick and use patterns at home. Size Matters This is an easy one. Use large patterns on large spaces, for example large furniture like a…

Achieving an Industrial-Style Kitchen

March 03 2023

The combination of raw and refined is what makes a well-executed industrial kitchen unique. It’s characterised by letting bricks and concrete speak for themselves – as they would in the old workshops that inspired this style – offset by bright colours and more polished details that deliver functional space. Best of all, you can achieve…

How to ensure your home is child-friendly

February 16 2023

So you’ve just become a parent. Congratulations! This means you’re in for a lifetime of joy and love, but also a few changes… and not just to your sleep schedule! It’s important to make your home both child proof – for their safety – and child friendly – for their enjoyment. Tips to keep your…

Make the most of life on the coast

February 01 2023

Travellers come from far and wide to experience WA’s world-famous coastline, but lucky us… it’s just in our backyard or on our doorstep. If you’re building on the coast, then we mean that literally. To make the most of your coastal block, you need to familiarise yourself with some of the requirements to maximise your…

What you need to know about buying land in Perth

January 16 2023

Keen to build? Fantastic! A great new home starts with the block, so set yourself up for success byensuring your block suits your needs. Here are some things to look out for. Nature of the landOrientationArguably the most important aspect of any block. A block that’s oriented north ensures your homereceives ample light throughout the…

New Year, New Home

January 02 2023

Whether you’re like me and celebrate new years with a small group of close friends or you would rather head to one of the hottest New Year’s Eve parties being held around Perth, take this time to reflect on the past year and make some goals (I know it’s cliche) for the new year. One…

De-stress your home and yourself in three easy steps

December 19 2022

1. De-Clutter 2. Let nature in Nature is a proven stress reliever, so let it in! 3. Little by little With a little work on your home each day, you can avoid multiple jobs building up to become bigger headaches.

Top Tips for Entertaining this Summer

December 06 2022

The warmer weather is finally upon us! Why bring that summer heat inside while you’re cooking up a storm when you could be taking advantage of that cool sea breeze? Let’s start thinking about how you might host your next outdoor gathering. Here are some top tips to get you started. 1. Keep it cool…

Stick it to crickets in your home and garden

November 21 2022

How to get rid of crickets around your home Cricket may be one of our most loved sports, but crickets are also some of our most hated pests. The sworn enemy of both the keen gardener and the light sleeper, they’re as likely to chew through your plants as they are to eat into a…

The Perfect Shade of White for Your Home

November 21 2022

Cream, pearl, ivory, chiffon, porcelain, eggshell, frost – choosing the perfect white for your walls can be one of the hardest design decisions when building your home. You may want to dive head-first into choosing your colour, but there are several important factors that must be considered. Here are some useful tips to help you…