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Adam Whitworth

Actually 6 out of 5 stars for this guy! After having a rough and unprofessional experience with another building company, I reached out to Nik for some advice and guidance. Not only did Nik have the answers I needed, but also offered me a much better solution. Within a short period of time we had a new design that was more to what I wanted, met all the council regulations and also the budget. These seemed to be overlooked by other builders. Thanks to Nik the process has been made easy with all the components of building checked off to the highest standard. From the planning, to prestart, to slab down, to construction, to rendering, to final trim, to handing over the keys and everything in between. If you are looking to build your dream home with a friendly and professional builder, LOOK NO FURTHER! I highly recommend Nik! #mrenthusiast #dreamhome

Kurtis Fairbairn

Nik is the man! It's great to deal with a real person who won't lie and feed you false information. He's upfront, honest, reliable and make the whole process a breeze. This thing needs more stars

Katey O’rourke

Nik and the team and Mr Enthusiast have been amazing. He is so helpful, friendly and approachable. He will listen to every idea and dreams you have and do the best he can to make your dreams happen. He left the company we are building with however we are still his clients and he looks after us, checking in on how our build in going. My partner Tris and I appreciate you and would highly recommend you. You are not just our consultant but our friend. Thank you so much.

Bianca Riley

Today marks 1 year since key handover! What a journey it has been and many thanks to Nik from Mr Enthusiast Homes. When we approached Nik about building our first home he was open, straight to the point and honest. Never leading us astray and helping us achieve the creation of our beautiful home in our budget. No tricks, no games, what you see is what you get and that was exactly what we were looking for. Answering any question that we threw his way - day or night - and going above and beyond to make the whole journey as stress free as possible. Where others will leave you at settlement, Nik made a point of being by our side through the whole process including capturing Adams proposal to me at Slab down! There is no one else we would rather have to help us build our future home and there is no one else i could recommend higher then to help others build their home! Thank you Nik, for absolutely everything, you are a legend!

Daniel Vraptsis

It was definitely the best decision we made to build with the Mr Enthusiast team. Nik and his team had the perfect house design and the customer service to back it. we could not be any happier with how our first home turned out and look forward to possibly building again with Nik and the team in the future.

Shane Gavlik

If someone doesn’t recommend this guy they’ve got a problem. Cause Nik throughout the whole build of my home was there from start to finish making it fun, easy and hassle free and he answered all my dumb questions and even the ones I asked 8 times. And now I’m left with a house that I couldn’t have dreamed of. Cheers for all your help mad dog and I’ll see you for the next build

Aaron Hodgson

I have been working with Nik at Mr Enthusiast now while now, during the planning stage, to contracts, till during the building process now and all I can say is that it has been amazing and an absolute pleasure.

Nik has been there to guide me through the whole process, step by step. Even when running into trouble or hold ups, Nik was there with help and constant encouragement to help get me across the line to successful home ownership.

I can’t recommend Nik and the Mr Enthusiast team enough, they can help deliver you your dream home, no matter how big you want your garage to be.

Gregory Gumunyu

I’m happy I made the choice to have Nik and his team at Ross North Homes build my home. I’m currently building with Nik and he has been very supportive and assuring from day one! Nik sat down with me and answered all the questions I had and he is helping me build my first home and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He went through the plans with me in a very detailed manner, assuring I was very happy with everything and sorting out any changes I needed made. I was a bit unsure about building first, but I did my research and I also heard good reviews from friends who built with Nik. After seeing them happy with their homes on completion and the treatment they received during the build I decided to jump on board. I would one hundred percent recommend Nik and his team to help anyone build their home. So if you’re in the market to building a home, be sure to get in contact with Nik and have him help make your dream become a reality.

Joshua Pearce

Nik has been extremely helpful throughout my whole journey I had absolutely no idea about houses or where to start or even what I wanted aside from a few ideas and dreams he showed me how much I would need to save and then we went straight through with it all would recommend him to anyone which I have done getting some of my close friends through his doors  cheers Nik!

Renae Nicholson

The thought of building my first home was stressful and daunting but Nik went out of his way to explain the process and put my mind at ease. I warned him I would be difficult and fussy but he merely took that as a challenge. In the end, I don't think I challenged him all that much, because he was on point with everything! Throughout the whole process, Nik has been incredibly helpful, honest and refreshingly direct. Nik genuinely cares about his clients and goes above and beyond, offering support, advice and updates the whole way. If you're thinking about building, I highly recommend Nik.

Alessandro Mazza

Nik has been helping with the process of our new home build the past 12 months, we met with Nik with a goal and said it's what we wanted but in the future as we thought it was not possible at the current time. Nik took the time to meet with us and help make our goals easier to reach. Rather than saying one day soon, he said lets start now. With a 3k deposit, and amidst COVID he has exceeded our expectations. We have been blown away by Nik's can-do attitude and positive outlook on everything, honesty and of course him putting up with my never ending questions. Rather than committing to the building company itself, we committed to Nik and followed him on his journey in the industry and never thought twice about changing consultants. Nik and his team are nothing short of amazing and have helped up make our dreams a reality. Highly recommend to anyone without a doubt. Thanks Nik & Julia for all your efforts. Can't wait for our home to finally be built.

Leighton McDonnell

We had seen Nik’s posts a while back when he was with smart homes, I gave him a call for an info meeting and we talked for a couple hours, he almost sold me a fuel system for my car and got me very interested in building a house, Nik has a lot of information about the whole process which has made it a lot easier. We have now followed him to Ross North because of Nik’s service, knowledge, honesty and his great house designs, we barely had to change anything in the design for our house except for a bigger garage set up for a hoist. Nik has also been there every step of the way to help talk through a lot of things or just to say hey, there has been no pushing from him to rush into building and if you ask him any question he will give you an answer or find the answer. I highly recommend Nik and Julia to help you build your next home, they’re service has been exceptional and I can’t wait for my house to be finished.

Shane Penny

I highly recommend anyone who wants to build a new home to speak with Nik. The energy Nik brings to the table is next level! (Even without his appendix haha) I know a lot of people say *our builder listens* but I can honestly say Nik truly does listen, Nik is straight to the point and tells you how it is. Never say never with Nik as he will help you out one way or another to build your dream home! He doesn't settle for second best and he's with you 100% of the way. We thought this journey would be a nightmare but Nik made it feel easy. We can't thank Nik enough for helping us build our dream home and it happens to be our first.

Scott Flynn

Thanks for helping us with the house package. Nik is a great guy and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to build. He has made the start of the process easy and can't wait to start construction.

Ryan John

Nik made designing my dream home with a massive quad garage easy. He was so easy to deal with and went over and above to get me what I wanted. Could not recommend enough.

Sara Gonzalez

So grateful to Nik for all his help. My fiancé and I were looking at building a home and had no clue about anything. Nik took us step by step through the process, advice, went above and beyond for us. And now we are fortunate enough to be in the process of building our dream home. Thank you so much.

Alice Flynn

Highly recommend Nik to anyone who is looking to build their home. He took the time to help with finances as well as house and land. He made it so easy for us and explain everything for us to understand. Can not wait to start construction soon!!!