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All About Us – Get to Know Mr Enthusiast

All About Us – Get to Know Mr Enthusiast

All About Us – Get to Know Mr Enthusiast

All About Us – Get to Know Mr Enthusiast

18 April 2024

If you’re a regular reader of our blogs (we know it’s a long shot, but let us live in this fantasy), then you’d know that we consider ourselves experts in all things real estate, house design and importantly, garages. However, it occurred to us that you might not know too much about us, the people behind the brand. So, we’ve decided to make this blog all about us and give you a snapshot into the Mr Enthusiast world. We’ve also (partly in an effort to seem more modest) included some information about Mr Enthusiast’s incredible partners, so that you can learn more about who you’ll be working with during your home building journey.

Meet Mr Enthusiast

Let us introduce our main man, Nik Cvetkoski, AKA, Mr Enthusiast.

While Nik’s family is originally from Macedonia, Nik was born and raised  in Dianella, Perth. Nik has two brothers, one younger and one older, but his middle child syndrome certainly doesn’t affect his confidence or skill, and Mr Enthusiast is proof of that.

In 2010, Nik went to a school fair and was introduced to Julia by a mutual friend. They started dating and the rest is history. In 2016, they built their first home together, which, while a largely negative experience, Nik is grateful for because it was the catalyst for Mr Enthusiast. Nik popped the question while they were on a hike in New Zealand, and they were married in the Swan Valley in 2021, officially crowning Julia ‘Mrs Enthusiast’.

In his spare time, Nik enjoys playing strategy and RPG games, and watching anime and tv shows. However, his heart truly lies with cars, and he’s been passionate about them for as long as he can remember. He won’t miss an opportunity to take his FG XR6 Turbo to the track to burn some tyres. This passion led him to a career as an apprentice mechanic before his experience building his own home inspired an industry change. Recognising a gap in the market, Nik found a way to combine his love for cars with his new career in real estate, and so Mr Enthusiast was born. Nik specialises in large garages that can be meticulously designed to suit not only car storage, but whatever you may have in mind, whether it’s a home gym, gaming den, general storage space or more.

Nik recognises that the real estate market (along with all its infamous fine print) can be especially stressful for first and second home buyers without a lot of experience in the industry. So, it’s important to have someone trustworthy in your corner; someone who understands your goals, budget and those things that are most important to you.

Meet Mrs Enthusiast

Julia is Nik’s right-hand woman, taking care of most of the paperwork, marketing and social media at Mr Enthusiast.

Julia’s parents are from Moscow and St Petersburg in Russia, but Julia was born in Craigie, Perth. Julia also has two siblings, a younger brother and an older sister (clearly one middle child attracts another…).

Julia is a big reader of fantasy books and enjoys gaming with Nik and her brother. While she also loves tv shows, she won’t dive in until the whole series is available for streaming… there’s nothing worse than waiting a year for a new season after ending on a cliff hanger. When tv won’t cut it, you can find Julia watching a Disney or horror movie; quite the contrast, but we like what we like. Julia and Nik also share a deep love of travel. They want to see the world and experience all the beautiful places and cultures that they can. In fact, they already have their next few holidays planned, including trips to the Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Kenya and Uganda.

Julia is an incredibly talented painter, and her passion for painting led to a new business endeavour, aptly named, Mrs Enthusiast. At the completion of their build, Julia gifts each Mr Enthusiast client with a custom print in a style and colour of their choosing. Due to the overwhelming positive response to Julia’s artwork and multiple requests from clients to purchase additional prints, Julia decided to offer her custom prints for purchase within Western Australia. So, whether you’re looking for a piece that will make a bold statement or something more delicate and subtle, you’ll find something beautiful on the Mrs Enthusiast website here.

Keep an eye out in your local art galleries folks, Julia’s bound to be featured soon!

Now for the important part…. meet the Mr Enthusiast fur babies

We’ll try not to get too carried away, but don’t pretend you didn’t come here to read about our kids, ahem, pets. We have two dogs, Mishka and Shadow, and a cat named Faith.

Mishka is a German Shepherd x Husky who’s turning 9 this August. She’s incredibly clever, and loves brain teaser games and problem solving. Much to our dismay, she loves playing with loud squeaky toys, and we continue to buy them because they make her so happy. She’s more commonly known as the ‘lady of the house’, because when she’s not sitting in a lady-like fashion, she’s parading her new outfits, toys and treats around the house.

Shadow is a Malamute x Husky who’s turning 8 in November. He earnt his name by following us (and Mishka) around the house all the time. He is incredibly vocal and grumbles when you don’t respond quickly enough to his demands, like having dinner served at exactly 6.20pm every evening. Shadow loves playing with kids almost as much as he loves having his photo taken. He’s soft, cuddly and gentle with everyone (despite the occasional grumbling).

Faith is a domestic short-hair cat who’s turning 9 in August. She has a love-hate relationship with Shadow and Mishka, and while Faith is definitely the pack leader, the dogs won’t hesitate to steal her food. Faith loves to cuddle on the couch while we watch tv and to have a snuggle every night before bed. She also loves to sunbake and people-watch from the front door.

Who Will You Be Working With? Get to Know Our Partners!

HAWK Concrete Floor Coatings

The team behind HAWK Concrete Floor Coatings has revolutionised the flooring industry, providing Mr Enthusiast clients with cheaper, easier and more sustainable flooring solutions.  On the cutting edge of the flooring industry, HAWK has made it possible to completely customise flooring with a range of design choices.

Alpha Conveyancing

Alpha Conveyancing has over 20 years’ experience in helping residential and rural home buyers navigate the settlement process. Between looking for blocks, applying for pre-approval and finance, meeting with a mortgage broker and more, the process of purchasing a home is already so drawn out that you certainly don’t need anything to prolong it. So, it’s important to have a team behind you that will make sure settlement goes off without a hitch. Charlotte at Alpha Conveyancing will take care of everything, including overseeing all transactions, documents and the distribution of funds to ensure a successful settlement.

La Vida Homes

When you’re spending the kind of money that it takes to build a house, you’d like to think that your builder will be transparent with their costs and timeframes. Sadly, this is not always the case. The team at La Vida Homes has made it their mission to transform the construction industry and ensure that clients are kept in the loop and that their needs are being taken into account every step of the way. Transparent, exceptional quality, fast builds… need we say more?

Progen Homes

Ian and Matt at Progen Homes have changed the way the building industry looks by eliminating the need for a sales team and for display homes. Their mission is to build quality, custom homes that cater to their clients’ every want and need. We’re all about customisation at Mr Enthusiast, so we couldn’t miss an opportunity to partner with this incredible team.

Oui Finance

With finance and loans being such a significant part of adult life, you’d think they’d teach you the basics in school. The reality is that most first home buyers find the loan process confusing and stressful, and sometimes just don’t know the right questions to ask.  Thankfully, Madison at Oui Finance will simplify things for you and do the heavy lifting when it comes to finding the best possible construction home loan. Importantly, Madison will ensure clear communication along the way, and explain all of those difficult to grasp terms that come up in every contract.


Car and motorcycle enthusiasts, we give you…. Tufflift. Tufflift is a hoist manufacturing and distribution company based in Australia that offers a range of hoists, accessories, spare parts, tools and more. Your customised garage might begin to feel a little cramped as your collection grows, and Tufflift may just have the solutions you’re looking for. An enthusiast’s dream come true!

That About Sums It Up!

So, that’s pretty much it! We hope that learning more about us hasn’t scared you away. We’d love to get to know you too, so if you’re embarking on your home building journey, then please reach out to us today!