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Choosing your new letterbox

Choosing your new letterbox

Choosing your new letterbox

Choosing your new letterbox

01 December 2021

The humble letterbox has been around for hundreds of years and is one of the first things people will notice when arriving at your home. Due to its importance it’s understandable that with so many different designs out there, finding your perfect style could get confusing. Here are some things to think about when choosing your letterbox to make sure yours will look good for years to come.


Are you someone who likes receiving weekly catalogues and newspapers in the post? Then make sure you install a letterbox that has the capacity to handle all these materials, or you’ll soon have issues with overflowing post that just looks messy. Your letterbox should be large enough for the mail you regularly receive but, as a minimum, an A4 envelope should be able to lie inside, so that your mail is not protruding and in easy reach of people passing by. Please make sure that your letterbox doesn’t have any sharp or jagged edges.


Make sure your letterbox is on the boundary line of your property, and that it is easily seen and accessible. Remember that your letterbox should be positioned in a spot that is clear of obstacles like trees, shrubs and rocks. Bonus points if it has your house number on it, so your guests won’t be driving around wondering if they’ve got the right place!


Your letterbox is going to experience all the elements, from chilly mornings and thunderstorms, right through to searing hot days and nights. Therefore, you’ll want to choose hardy materials that can withstand this type of rough treatment. Think sandstone, stainless steel, aluminium, brick… the list goes on! Bunnings have a great range of all types to letterboxes you could look through to get some ideas, they also have helpful install tips for once you have one.


Don’t want people snooping through your mail? Consider installing a lock on your letterbox to prevent this from happening. It’s also a good idea to arrange for someone you know to clear your mail for you when you go on holidays, or take advantage of the Australia Post Mail Holding Service.

The Australian Post website has some great ideas too so check it out.