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Colour Trends For Your Home

Colour Trends For Your Home

Colour Trends For Your Home

Colour Trends For Your Home

29 September 2022

How we style our homes has had a big shift since early 2020 when Covid took its grip on the world. We were forced into isolation. We started to spend more time within what would soon become a safe haven, where we retreated from the stressors that came with being in the public and exposure to the potential threat of illness. A newfound appreciation for the indoors was born at this time, encouraging us to take more pride in the space that we have created for ourselves, our partners, or our families. Not only was this a place to find solace in a pandemic, but also an adaptable environment to work from. Our homes had to answer to much more than just being shelter where we would often have meals.

Homes renovated or styled after 2020 are definitely more adventurous. We are getting creative with small or odd spaces, exploring versatile furnishings, and going for bold with our paint choices.

So, what’s trending for 2022?

We are seeing a 70’s revival, showcasing earthy browns, bright terracotta, and bolder neutrals in patterns that would make Nan nostalgic. It’s a style choice that will certainly bring a lot of warmth and homeliness to your room, and can easily be offset with more contemporary furniture and decorative pieces. Whether you go big with this inspiration, or prefer a more subtle nod to the era, your guests will feel welcome and at ease with this palette.

From a blast from the past, to being at one with nature. This next trend is all about bringing the outside, in…

Though it feels like we’re pretty much out of the woods when it comes to Covid, we’re definitely still feeling the need to immerse ourselves in the natural elements. If you can’t be trusted with house plants, we highly recommend bringing some on-trend deep forest green into those high traffic rooms. Not only will it help bring a pop of colour to this space, but there’ll be an outdoor ambience about it that’s great for entertaining or relaxing on your own. We’re seeing this showing up with pastel and hot pinks if you’re a little more daring! Otherwise, consider complementary neutrals that balance the intensity of the green.

Speaking of a strong colour choice, rich jewel tones are making their presence known in some unexpected places.

Imagine stepping foot into your kitchen and being greeted by a terrific teal or beautiful burgundy. If you’re not a fan of a bright lick of paint, go for bold with your furniture! Vivid pieces can really lift your mood and create a vibe in a room without overwhelming the space. Consider a statement chair or cabinet in a primary colour (also making a comeback) that can be easily moved (or upcycled) when you feel like redecorating.

With any of these colour movements, it’s a good idea to figure out how committed you are to that hue and how permanent you want its presence to be in your home. Maybe start with some vibrant styling pieces in your favourite colours to see how they feel in the room, before throwing paint against the wall.

Want to go bold but not into colour?

We often see black as an accent and not a feature when it comes to walls or cabinetry. That all seems to be changing with many people opting to pair it with wooden textures for a rustic-feel, or light concrete finishes for a luxe and modern effect. Without enough natural light, this could make things feel a little dark and gloomy, so we definitely recommend this for brighter areas of the home. It’s also best to reserve this hue for larger, more open plan areas and complement with plenty of softer and light colours and textures.

But, you can always keep things simple.

White is a classic for a reason. There will always be a need for clean shades of white that really open up a room and make it feel more spacious. That said, we’re definitely seeing a move from grey and blue undertones to creamier whites and beiges to prevent a clinical or dull feeling. As a bit of a rule of thumb, if you want the room to feel inviting and homely, the warmer whites will give the desired effect. Add some natural materials like linen, rattan and wood, and feel like you’re on a little beach holiday from home.

Whatever you decide for your home, it’s always good to consult with an expert about what might be the best way for these colours to show up, in and around the home. The great thing is, you can always repaint or redecorate!

Trends will constantly change, but this new perspective on creating a home base that you’re really proud? – We think that’s around to stay.