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Decorating Awkward Spaces in your Home

Decorating Awkward Spaces in your Home

Decorating Awkward Spaces in your Home

Decorating Awkward Spaces in your Home

17 August 2023

No matter how much planning we do, there are always spaces in our home that tend to be difficult to fill or decorate. Whether it’s an angled wall, an awkwardly positioned door or a narrow hallway, with a bit of creativity, you can find the perfect way to desecrate or utilise the space you have. We’ve done our research and compiled some creative solutions for the more uncooperative areas in your home, which we hope after a bit of TLC, will become your favourite spaces.

Reading / writing nook

Book lovers, rejoice! For those of you looking for a reason to finally have a dedicated reading nook, look no further. If you have a corner somewhere in your home where nothing quite seems to fit, consider adding a comfy chair where you can read and write. Add a floor lamp, a textured rug and a comfy pillow, and we guarantee, you’ll never want to leave. 

Home office

Make the most of an empty space by creating a small home office. Install a desk and a supportive chair for those moments where you need somewhere comfortable to sit and work or study. This is particularly helpful if you need to work from home every now and then, something that has become increasingly common over the past few years. Many people don’t have a dedicated room where they can set up a home office, so a small nook where you can leave your laptop and paperwork might be the perfect solution for you. You can also install a few shelves above the desk to store things like books, paperwork and add some beautiful flowers or plants. 

Funky bookshelf

Like most of the best things in life, bookshelves come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. With enough scrolling on Pinterest, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect bookshelf for your space. Depending on how much room you have, you can either install some shelves, choose a bookshelf that tucks perfectly into a corner, or go with a more traditional bookshelf. If possible, you can even put the bookshelf behind your reading nook and create yourself the perfect little library. 


Folks, you’ve reached the point in the blog where it’s time to pull out your shopping list. Wicker baskets, an ottoman, a small wine rack or bookcase… whatever your preference, you should be able to find a few different options that will work in the space you have. A basket where you can store blankets and extra pillows is perfect for that random space next to your TV where nothing else seems to fit comfortably. We can’t promise that your cat won’t make themselves at home amongst all the blankets, but there are some risks that are worth it. If you have kids, substitute the basket for a plastic tub to store toys in so that you can keep the room looking tidy and hopefully avoid any dreaded Lego related foot injuries. We all know the pain. 

Bar Cart

Adults with young children, keep scrolling. Bar carts are a wonderful way to fill space whilst also serving a practical purpose. A beautiful bar cart can make your space feel more elegant and make entertaining much easier – no more digging through cupboards to find the Scotch that only your dad can stomach. Some people choose to fill a bar cart with plants instead of drinks, or a combination of the two. Get a few different plants that thrive indoors and have yourself your own little nursery on wheels.  

Artwork or Wall Hooks

Empty walls can be filled with life by hanging or displaying artwork. You can choose a print to hang or get a statement piece to display on a small table or shelf. Hanging artwork is a great way to fill a diagonal wall where you can’t do much else. Also, depending on where your empty space is, you might consider adding wall hooks where you can hang coats, hats or umbrellas. There are plenty of stylish options available online that would suit any décor. Rather than adding artwork, you can also paint bare walls a vibrant colour or design to make the space feel warm and homely. There is ample inspo online, so start googling! 

No Space is Wasted!

Regardless of how tricky a space can be to furnish or decorate, we believe that everything has potential, you just need to be creative and open-minded. In fact, it’s all the little things in a house that make it feel like a home, whether it’s a colourful bookshelf, gorgeous plants and flowers, or a magnificent piece of art. So, don’t despair if you have the odd awkward space in your home, anything can be transformed into something beautiful.