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Designing the perfect nursery

Designing the perfect nursery

Designing the perfect nursery

Designing the perfect nursery

28 September 2023

There’s certainly a lot to think about if you’re expecting a little one, especially if they’re your first! When it comes to preparing your home, it’s important to create a cosy space where your child will feel safe and comfortable. If you’re a planner, then you’ve probably already got a Pinterest board full of design ideas for the nursery. If, however, you’re not too sure where to start, then make sure to read on for some tips to consider when designing your baby’s nursery.

Colour Palette

We recommend starting by picking a colour palette for the nursery. Deciding on colours early on will make other design choices infinitely easier as you’ll know what items will and will not work. By introducing matching décor, you’ll create a cohesive look and save money on items that, in the end, may look out of place. These days, many parents are choosing to go for neutral colours rather than the traditional pink and blue. There is ample inspiration online, but ultimately, the colour palette you choose will depend on personal taste and the overall theme of your home. The important thing is that you select colours that will create a cosy, comforting atmosphere for your baby.

Paint / Wallpaper

The nursery is the perfect room for the paint colours or wallpaper you’ve always wanted but have been told you’re too grown up for. You can choose to decorate each wall or keep things relatively simple and add a feature. If you can, we suggest painting a mural or installing wallpaper on the ceiling. After all, babies spend a lot of time lying on their backs, so it might be a good idea to include some ceiling colours or patterns to stimulate them. If you want the option of changing things easily, then consider stickers or removable wallpapers (tenants, rejoice!). If you’re not too keen on paint or wallpaper, then add colour through other ornaments and features, including photo frames, blankets, cushions or by hanging paper lanterns. You might also choose to install decorative curtains as a feature and keep the rest of the room relatively minimal.


Getting a newborn onto a regular sleep schedule is not only important for their health and wellbeing, but also for the sanity of their parents. It’s crucial to have blinds or curtains that control how much sunlight is entering the room. By being able to control the light coming in, you can more easily mimic night-time when your baby is ready to take a nap. Further, window treatments will help to control the temperature of the room.

In terms of lights, we recommend installing a dimmer switch or lamp that will create warm, soft lighting. This will be particularly helpful when you want to sneak in to check on your little one but don’t want to turn on a bright ceiling light. Check out The Spruce for some great suggestions about lighting your nursery!


You know that giant, cuddly teddy bear that you won at the fair and refused to throw away despite it constantly being in everyone’s way? Well, you finally have a place to put it! And it’s guaranteed to look cute! Just make sure it’s something friendly… your baby probably won’t take too well to a ginormous, terrifying shark.

We recommend getting a toy box to store all of your baby’s toys… this will come in handy once they grow old enough to play and spread their toys all around the house (the time will come, we promise you).

Some final tips…

When designing the nursery, make choices that will continue to work as your baby grows. By doing so, you can avoid having to regularly change the room! A benefit of keeping the walls and paint choices simple is that you can transform the room easily as your child grows. When the time comes, all you’ll have to do is change up the décor and you’ll have a space fit for a teenager.

We recommend keeping large furniture items neutral so that as your child grows, you can change the smaller details (such as cushions and a rug) without having to spend a lot of money on bigger items, like drawers or curtains.

By doing your research and making consistent, clever design choices, we’re sure that your baby’s nursery will quickly become your favourite room in the house.