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Heating Up Outdoor Living

Heating Up Outdoor Living

Heating Up Outdoor Living

Heating Up Outdoor Living

09 June 2021

Fire pits are one of the hottest trends in outdoor living right now. They’ve have become a kind of gathering place for family and friends in backyards across WA. Providing warmth on cold nights, they are both aesthetically pleasing and create an unrivalled ambience.

Gathering around a fire with friends to talk, laugh and toast marshmallows has long been a popular pastime in winter, but unlike old fashioned fire pits, today’s varieties come in an impressive range of shapes, sizes and styles, including sleek modern designs, traditional styles and even intricate laser cut designs.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a fire pit:

  • Your firepit should complement the space it’s intended for. A tiny fire pit in a large area will look awkward and may also struggle to give off enough heat to be effective. Likewise, a large pit in a confined area will overwhelm the space, both aesthetically and by giving off too much heat. This could also pose a safety risk.
  • Free standing and stationary fire pits are usually ethanol/gel fuelled, but you can also find some timber burning pits. If you choose to go with a timber burning fire pit, it’s important to make sure it has a top screen to stop any burning embers from escaping into your backyard.
  • Take some time to consider the seating you’d like around the fire pit. There are many choices ranging from comfortable couches to wooden bench seats, so you can select the seating that will best complement your outdoor area.
  • It’s important that the fire pit you choose is sturdy. In fact, the heavier the better. Check to see if it has thick welding at the joints and ensure that it sits perfectly flat on the ground. Thicker steel generally costs more but will ensure your fire pit is safe, sturdy and endures for years on end. Australian steel is the standard, but thick imported steel is also an option.

Safety is paramount when you have a fire pit, particularly when you have young children at home. Keep your family safe by following these simple rules:

  • Never leave children unsupervised near a fire pit. Even if it is not lit, accidents can happen and there is a potential for serious injury should something go wrong.
  • Allow a four-metre exclusion zone between the fire pit and any flammable structures.
  • Never use a fire pit in an enclosed area – they are strictly for use in an open outdoor area.

It’s not just a love of the outdoors that’s driving this popular installation. There has been a general shift towards building townhouses or two-storey homes on small blocks of land. Fire pits take us less space than a traditional alfresco area and can be positioned anywhere, so they’re ideal for people who don’t have a lot of space to spare but are still interested in entertaining outdoors.

In this time of integrated outdoor and indoor living, a fire pit provides the perfect opportunity to gather outside, no matter the temperature, to share a drink, cook food or just enjoy the atmosphere.