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How Indoor Plants can transform your home

How Indoor Plants can transform your home

How Indoor Plants can transform your home

How Indoor Plants can transform your home

01 May 2020

There are a few decorating tips that you can use to elevate your home to the next level; a painting, decorative curtains, a book shelf and an indoor plant. There are so many benefits of having an indoor plant, however, let’s be realistic – not everyone has a green thumb and know which plants are suitable for indoor conditions… and how to care for them.

Green thumb or not, these indoor plants are real keepers and are able to withstand (almost) any neglect from their owners. Just remember to tend to the low-maintenance needs and you should be fine! Alternatively, if you’re still not feeling confident, there are some fine-looking artificial plants that you can buy.

1. Epipremnum aureumalso known as Devil’s Ivy.

Devil’s Ivy got it’s name from its reputation for being hard to kill (it can even become a weed in tropical areas). It only needs watering with the soil feels dry, tolerates a range of conditions, although it does prefer indirect bright light and is easy to propagate from cuttings.

2. Monstera Deliciosa more commonly known as the Swiss Cheese Plant.

This is a favourite in many households due to it’s huge, glossy green leaves. It can brighten any home easily and bring in a ‘tropical feel’. These guys like indirect bright light and needs very little watering.

3. Nephrolepis Cordifolia commonly referred as Fishbone Fern.

This plant is generally regarded as an Australian native and can be quite invasive if planted outside (so unless you want a jungle outside… let’s keep it in a pot). It has long, lacy fronds and tolerates dry conditions but prefers a warm position with moist soil.

4. Ceropegia woodii but also known as Chain of Hearts (isn’t that a bit cute..)

If you’re not looking for big, lush greenery and prefer something a little more delicate on the bookshelf, this is perfect. The ‘chains’ can reach 3-4m long (if given the space to grow) and the heart shaped leaves come in many shades including; green, purple, red and cream. It can be planted indoors in a well lit spot away from direct sunlight. During warm seasons allow potting mix to dry out in between watering’s (during cooler month’s watering can be reduced).

5. Dracaena Trifasciata but sweetly referred to as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue.

Don’t let the name fool you, it’s actually quite a nice plant! The leaves are typically tall, stiff, and vertical; earning it the other nickname “snake plant.” This plant is surprisingly hard to kill (trust me.. my partner tried) and people have said in the past that “they can go for a month without water once established”. It will happily grow in low light levels indoors or can be grown outdoors in warm locations in either sun or shade.

6. Aglaonemas AKA Chinese Evergreens.

The Chinese Evergreen is a perfect foliage plant for low to medium light, is slow growing and can live for 10 years or more. There are a vast number of variations that all share the basic glossy, spear-shaped leaves and are patterned in shades of silver, green, yellow, cream, red or pink.