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Let’s home in on home specifications

Let’s home in on home specifications

Let’s home in on home specifications

Let’s home in on home specifications

10 August 2021

Anyone who’s building a new home will have to put some thought into home specifications. Specifications are written descriptions of all the little things that do not need to be shown in floor plans. For example, they include the make and model of your appliances and the type of flooring in each area of the house.

Here are examples of some specifications along with some handy tips:

Ceiling Height

By adding a lot of vertical space, 31-degree high ceilings will really open up your living and dining room areas.

Locks & Smoke Alarms

Feel safe and secure by installing privacy locks in the master bedroom and ensuite, as well as hard wired smoke alarms that come with a 25-year structural warranty.

TV, Phone & Data Points

Take some time to really think about where in your living areas you want to install TV, phone and data points. It’s important to consider where you would place furniture in the room and where windows and curtains will be installed. You should also think about the more minor details such as the type of light switch covers you want.

Stainless Steel Appliances

When you are choosing stainless steel cooking appliances, make sure you look for evidence of quality; what is the brand and where has the appliance been manufactured?


There are a variety of different materials you can choose for your splashback. If you’re after a more classic look, tiles are always a safe and reliable choice. Recent trends have also seen glass, tinted mirrors and exposed brick installed as splashbacks. Also, consider whether you want your splashback to extend to the ceiling, this will help to open up the space and prevent it from looking boxlike.


It’s important to put a lot of thought into your home’s colour scheme. Ideally, you want to find a compromise between colours that make you happy, and colours that will make resale easier (you should avoid the hassle of having to repaint if possible). If you’re in need of some guidance, enquire with your builder as to whether they offer a free professional colour consultation with their interior design consultant.

Undercover Alfresco

When you’re building a new home, you might be preoccupied with the infinite number of decisions you have to make with respect to the important rooms in your home, such as your bedrooms and living areas. However, you should also turn your mind to the specifications in your alfresco area to make sure that it becomes a safe and comfortable space. What types of locks will you install? Will you have flyscreens? What about external garden taps? You also need to decide on external lighting and ensure you have an electrical safety switch.