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Little touches make all the difference

Little touches make all the difference

Little touches make all the difference

Little touches make all the difference

22 June 2020

Looking to decorate your new home and seeking inspiration? Look no further.

Here are some key points to consider when shopping for interior decorative items.

  • Shop according to the size, layout and existing décor scheme of a room. Try to be consistent with colours, themes and shapes throughout the room or home.
  • A functional space is just as important as looks.
  • Always consider size – height and width of the room in comparison to a decorative item is particularly important. For example, a chandelier looks amazing in a wide, tall room, however, in a smaller space it will render the room impracticable.

The choice of style varies from person to person but no matter what style you opt for, there are a few accessories that look amazing with any type of interior styles. Here are some of the most popular items to decorate with:


Cushions allow you to accentuate or develop existing colour schemes and increase comfort levels. Cushions come in a huge variety of shapes, styles, textures and sizes, so you’ll be sure to find what you need.

  • To create a consistent look, choose a colour from the room’s palette. If you want to create a visual break on a longer piece of furniture, choose a patterned cushion that features a different colour from your room’s décor scheme.
  • Match the size of the cushions to the size of the furniture. A large cushion on a small chaise, for example, will be impractical and look out of place.
  • Buy cushions that offer the support you need. Square cushions are the most versatile, rectangular cushions support the lower back and flat, round cushions are great for sitting on.


The right lighting can make all the difference in a room. As well as looking great, table lamps and floors lamps can illuminate darker areas or tailor the atmosphere to suit what you are doing.

  • Choose the lamp that helps you achieve your lighting goals. Table lamps are perfect for creating an intimate setting that is perfect for study or reading. Floor lamps can bring light to a darker part of a room to create a feel of space and levity.
  • It is important to consider lamp height when shopping for a table lamp. For best results, the bottom of the lampshade should sit at about eye level when seated.
  • Choose a floor lamp that can perform the function you want it to. Accent lighting can create an ambience but is best used in tandem with existing light sources; task lighting is a great alternative to your main light source and is ideal for illuminating a particular area.

Wall Art

Wall art can help you break up wall space, add colour to a room and provide a focal point for your guests. Consider the following when choosing prints and paintings for your home:

  • Shop for a print or painting that matches the size and layout of the room. A piece that is too large will be overwhelming; one too small will lose its impact. To get an idea of proportion, try marking out the dimensions of the art in newspaper before you make a purchase.
  • Brightly coloured artwork needs more breathing space than art produced in softer tones. Be sure that you have enough room to give your art the space it deserves.
  • Shop for art that picks up the tones and hues from your existing décor scheme. This will make the artwork look integral to your décor scheme.


Sculptures of various shape and size add depth and warmth to your interior decoration. They are great accessories to personalise your room according to your personality.

  • Look for sculptures that match the size of the space you are trying to fill. For example; you can have a small to medium sized sculpture for a bookshelf, however, if your putting a sculpture on the floor then you will want something that makes a statement, otherwise you may find it underwhelming.
  • Do not be afraid to use a sculpture to add flashes of bright colour to lighter, more subdued spaces. Plus, you can always move your sculpture around with minimal fuss if you don’t like the location.
  • Play around with texture. Sculptures with a texture are a great addition within clean and modern interiors, they can really help add some grit and contrast to your space without making it feel cluttered.

Blanket art

One of the most amazing accessories to uplift your home is a simple blanket. Drape a blanket on your sofa, chairs, ottomans, bed or anything that has a surface that you can sit on. It creates a warm “home” feeling and it feels amazing to cuddle up in your sofa and find a blanket waiting for you already.