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Mother’s Day Arts & Crafts

Mother’s Day Arts & Crafts

Mother’s Day Arts & Crafts

Mother’s Day Arts & Crafts

08 May 2023

Mums, don’t scroll any further.

We’ve created this blog purely for those who need some inspiration in coming up with a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. If you’re looking for suggestions for handmade gifts that the kids can make mum this year, then read on for a variety of art & craft ideas ranging from simple to time consuming. These activities can be done at home or even at school, for those teachers that are looking for some new activities this year. We’re positive that everyone can find the perfect gift!

Layered Crayon Candles

Most of us with little kids have more textas, crayons and coloured pencils than our kids could ever use. The wonderfully creative team at Kara Creates have come up with a way to give old crayons a new life. Get your kids to collect all the crayon stubs they can find and choose which colours they’d like to combine. Follow this link for a detailed description on how to make these beautiful candles.

Hand & Footprint Art

Are your kids still a little young to be doing arts and crafts? Well, as long as they’re not afraid to get their hands (and feet) a little dirty, then we suggest hand & footprint artwork! Paint your kids’ hands and feet with all the colours of the rainbow to make mum a work of art in any design you choose. Make sure you choose a washable paint or watch out for the kids’ clothes. We recommend doing painting outdoors – paint covered furniture probably isn’t what mum has in mind for Mother’s Day. 

Paper Flower Bouquet

Coloured paper, check.

Scissors, check.

Glue, check.

All that’s left is to show the kids how to carefully fold and glue the paper to create a colourful bouquet. This YouTube tutorial is a lifesaver for those of us whose talents lie outside of arts and crafts. Just watch out for paper cuts!

Mother’s Day Card

All you need to make mum a beautiful Mother’s Day card is coloured paper, scissors and patience. There are a few different tutorials online, depending on the complexity your kids can handle – we recommend this surprise message card or this beautiful love heart card, which your kids can customise however they wish!

Button Bookmark

Does mum love to read? Grab some paperclips and colourful buttons to make her a button bookmark. Have a look at Domestically Blissful for instructions! We suggest making a few because these tiny bookmarks are easy to misplace. Keep in mind that this activity is not recommended for families with young children, as it involves a lot of little pieces!

Hand Painted Pot Plant

Most mums will agree, there’s no such thing as too many plants. Get your kids to choose a design and paint a small pot plant using mum’s favourite colours. If mum has somewhat of a green thumb, then a plant will make the perfect gift! And if not, we suggest a succulent that is beautiful to look at, but difficult to kill.

Recycled Art Notebook

All of us with kids have collections of artwork that they’ve brought home over the years. While the colourful drawings and paintings may not be gallery material, they will form the perfect book of artwork for mum. If you can, cut all the pieces to the same size and bind them to make a book. Mum can even use this as a notebook if the art allows!

Ceramic Painting

Last but not least, pick up a few different waterproof paints and some white plates, platters or coasters that can be easily decorated. Your kids can choose their own design, or if they’re stuck for ideas, we recommend a handprint garden  – Felt Magnet has the guide you need.

Happy Mother’s Day!

We hope that this list helps you find the perfect handmade gift for mum, sure to make her feel special and loved. Wishing all the mums out there a wonderful Mother’s Day this year!