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Moving into your first home? Here are some forgotten essentials…

Moving into your first home? Here are some forgotten essentials…

Moving into your first home? Here are some forgotten essentials…

Moving into your first home? Here are some forgotten essentials…

24 April 2023

If you’re preparing to move into your first home, we don’t need to tell you that there’s SO much to think about. If you’re building, you’ve likely spent the last year of your life picking out paint colours, floor tiles, light fittings… the list goes on. But the work doesn’t stop there. Then comes the time for choosing big-ticket items, like a bed, dining table, and couch. These decisions are important, after all, everything you choose will play a role in your new home. The same goes for smaller items that might not be at the top of your shopping list. In fact, you might even forget about them for a while. These items don’t always have the spotlight as they are not as easily visible or frequently used, but try to go a day without them and you’ll truly appreciate the role they play in your home. Read on for some examples… 


You probably spent hours visiting different stores lying on mattresses and eyeing bed frames. You might even have picked up a few different sets of sheets and a duvet cover. But don’t forget to grab a few extra blankets for winter! There’s nothing more frustrating than only realising you don’t have any when you’re shivering in bed and Kmart is closed (here’s looking at you, Perth).

You should also choose a throw and some decorative pillows to make the room cosier. Try not to channel your inner mum and refrain from buying more than a few decorative pillows. You’ll thank us when you have to make the bed in the morning, promise!


If you have the space, think about adding some dried or preserved flowers to your bathroom counter-top (scented ones preferably, because well, you know). Many stores have a variety of inexpensive soap dispensers, tooth-brush holders and toilet brushes – mix and match patterns or go with a uniform look.


We imagine that you’ve chosen your washing machine and dryer, but have you remembered to get a laundry hamper and some towels to hang beside your sink? The laundry is usually where people store general cleaning items, like a mop (we recommend the spin mop, you’ll never go back!), broom and scrubbing brushes. You should also invest in some buckets to soak clothes in, and if you’re short on space, a counter-top ironing board.


Ah the kitchen. Well, we probably don’t have to tell you that the list here is endless. Despite all your planning, there will likely be something that you’ve forgotten. Annoyingly, we generally only realise we’re missing something the moment we need it. Listonic has created a checklist of everything you’ll need in your new kitchen – access it here. The most commonly forgotten items include kitchen scales, a vegetable peeler and food wraps! 


Don’t forget to go shopping for your outdoor area! Have you ever gone to hang up your clothes only to realise you don’t have any pegs? We have, and it results in a lot of socks being lost in the garden. You might also need a doormat, some citronella candles and a hose holder! And of course, don’t forget about your plants. In addition to the garden, you can have some placed around the backyard, hang some for decoration or add some to your table (we recommend all three…). We know these aren’t technically essential to the functioning of your home, but they’re essential to our happiness and tranquillity, and that’s just as important in our opinion.

Even with meticulous planning, it’s almost impossible not to forget something when you move into your first home. You’ll undoubtedly go a few days without a soap dispenser in the bathroom, or some tea towels in the kitchen, but it will come together eventually, and you’ll finally reach the stage where your house truly feels like a home.