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Outdoor Design Ideas

Outdoor Design Ideas

Outdoor Design Ideas

Outdoor Design Ideas

25 August 2021

The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of outdoor meals, entertainment and relaxation. The following outdoor design tips will allow you to continue enjoying your outdoor spaces in the colder months.

 Design an outdoor living room

Creating an outdoor area that resembles an indoor living room will allow you to unwind and relax in the fresh air. Clever positioning of furniture will separate your outdoor space into multiples zones, including a dining area and cosy nook. We recommend using pot plants, water features or even small retaining walls to help divide the space. If you want your outdoor area to perfectly complement the rest of your home, choose a similar colour palette; this will make your outdoor living space seem a seamless extension of your indoor living room. If your backyard or alfresco area neighbours your indoor living room, think about installing folding glass doors which will allow you to combine the two spaces when you have guests.

Install an outdoor kitchen

We’ve all considered setting up Sunday family lunch in the backyard only to abandon the idea once we realise how much effort it will take to lug everything back and forth from the kitchen. If you’re designing your dream home or are interested in transforming your outdoor area, we recommend installing an outdoor kitchen. This can range from a built-in-barbeque and a bar fridge, to an elaborate kitchen including a sink, fridge and storage. If you really want to make the most of your outdoor area in the colder months, consider adding a pizza oven or fire pit to cosy up around on a crisp winter night.

Don’t forget the finishing touches…

  • Comfort

 Remember to add heating if you want to enjoy your outdoor space year-round. We recommend installing heating near the main seating areas. You can choose between a fire pit, outdoor fireplace or heaters, depending on your budget and the amount of space you have to accommodate them. Also consider installing outdoor blinds; these will not only add value to your home but will also provide some protection from the elements in both summer and winter.

Before you commit to furniture, make sure you test it out for comfort. You wouldn’t want to completely transform your outdoor space only to end up with a couch that no one can sit on. Add cushions, throws and outdoor rugs to create an inviting and cosy atmosphere.

  • Lighting

If you want to create a charming and cosy atmosphere, we recommend decorating the area with lanterns and fairy lights. You can also line any pathways with solar lights. Being creative with your lighting is an effective way to create ambiance without having to invest too much time or money.

  • Colour

You might want to keep your colour scheme somewhat neutral to make sure that it’s coherent with the rest of the house. If so, we recommend investing in furniture with neutral tones, and adding cushions, a weather resistant rug and outdoor art to bring some colour to the area. If you’re a plant lover, think about erecting a vertical garden, filled with herbs, flowers and succulents.  You can also add greenery by introducing pot plants and hanging baskets.