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Tackling spring cleaning with ease

Tackling spring cleaning with ease

Tackling spring cleaning with ease

Tackling spring cleaning with ease

09 September 2021

Spring is the time for new beginnings. Flower buds begin to bloom, trees begin to grow new leaves and birds begin to sing again. If your home is due for a freshen up, then we can’t think of a better time to start. To help tackle your spring clean, we’ve compiled a few handy tips below:

1. Write a list

Sometimes knowing where to start is the hardest part. We recommend you make a separate list for each area in your home. This will allow you to tackle each room one and a time, and easily pick up where you left off if your spring clean lasts a few days. The satisfaction you’ll get from ticking off each area when you’re done is an added bonus.

2. De-clutter

Are you the kind of person who hangs onto jeans that don’t fit anymore, or keeps a collection of empty boxes or jars just in case you eventually need them? Well, you’re not alone. Most of us dread having to throw things away during a spring clean, but we promise, you’ll never look back. If you’ve forgotten that you have something, then it’s likely that you don’t need it anymore. We recommend trying to sell some preloved items to make some extra pocket money.

3. Work from the top down

Make sure that you clean your windows and wipe down all surfaces before you spend time vacuuming and mopping the floors. There’s nothing worse than spending hours making your floor immaculate only to drop water and dust all over it while you clean the rest of your house.

4. Invest in good quality cleaning products

Before you start, make sure you invest in a good pair of gloves, especially for those not-so-pleasant jobs like cleaning the toilets or bathrooms. We recommend stocking up on good quality cleaning products to avoid waste; there’s no point paying less if you have to use a lot more of each product to get things clean. Stock up on bleach, multi-purpose sprays, disinfectant, window sprays, or choose an environmentally friendly option like lemons, white vinegar and bicarbonate soda. If you have everything you need before you start your clean, you will avoid the frustration that comes with beginning a task only to find you’re missing the product you need.

5. Show your mattress some love

Now the weather is warming up, you’re probably already taking a few blankets off your bed and throwing them in the wash, so why not show your mattress some love too. Strip off your sheets and give your mattress a vacuum to pick up any dust or other hidden nasties. To finish off, spray your mattress with a disinfectant and let it air for a few hours before making your bed with crisp, clean sheets.

6. Spruce up your alfresco

Don’t forget to give the outside of your home some springtime love too. You’ll be using this space more and more as the weather warms up, so give it a good clean by removing cobwebs, dust and dirt from furniture, and washing outdoor cushions and blankets. We recommend also cleaning your BBQ while you’re at it, so that it’s ready to go!