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These floors were made for walkin’

These floors were made for walkin’

These floors were made for walkin’

These floors were made for walkin’

23 September 2020

When choosing flooring for your home, there is a lot to consider. It’s not just about what looks good but also what is practical for the use of the room and of course budget and personal style. For bathrooms and other wet areas, the best option is always tiling which is why new builds will include this as a standard option.

The rest of the house however is fair game, and the options are endless. Even for those on a small budget, you can still achieve any look you want, just do your research. There are many engineered options that require less maintenance but look just like the real thing. Whether you choose carpets, timber or tiles we have compiled a handy list of pros and cons to help you decide what’s right for you.

A few tips for the most common areas of the home:

Theatre: Carpet would work best due to its texture insulation and acoustic properties.

Bedrooms: Carpet would again work best here due to its warmth and soft feel; however, laminate or timber would be better suited for have small children or pets as it is easier to spot clean.

Wet areas: Tiling is always the best option here; however, you can choose timber and laminate but be mindful exposure to water can permanently damage timber or leaking under laminate can cause bacteria to form.

The most common options:

Pros: Cons:



UV resistant

Easy to maintain

Cannot be refurbished

Not moisture-proof

Timber (Engineered)
Pros: Cons:

Lacquered layer for protection


Traditional look and feel

More affordable than solid hardwood

Expensive upfront

Requires regular maintenance for high foot traffic areas

Not suitable for wet areas or kitchens

Pros: Cons:

Easy to maintain

Great for wet areas



Keeps the house cooler in Summer

Cold in winter

Easily damaged by heavy objects

Ongoing grout maintenance especially in high traffic and wet areas

Pros: Cons:


Soundproofing qualities

Softer underfoot

Versatile – Many colours and patterns

Quick install

Not as durable especially in high traffic areas

Needs continual maintenance including regular vacuuming and annual professionally clean.

Not suitable for kitchens or wet areas

Needs to be replaced periodically

While it may seem like a daunting choice, selecting flooring should be an exciting part of a renovation or build as it will be enjoyed for many years to come so take your time while selecting what’s right for you.